Literary Script

Empezar de nuevo

White line.

(1-B) We are in Santiago de Chile in the 70's, during Pinochet’s dictatorship. The country suffers great repression and Human Rights violations, where many people are victims of political persecution.

(2-B) Alfonso Muñoz is a Political Science professor at the University of Santiago de Chile. He loves his family and his job. The situation the country is living has become one of the topics on his classes and so he cannot prevent from feeling some trepidation about the future of his country and his own future. Today, like any other day, Alfonso goes to University.

(3-B) At University, Alfonso meets the rector, who waits for him at the street. Then he tells Alfonso that some soldiers are looking for him, and he encourages Alfonso to hide, as he fears that he can be arrested because of his ideas against the dictatorship. His fears may come true.

(4-B) Alfonso quickly returns home and tells his wife that he must hurry up and run away because military police is seeking to arrest him. He is very very afraid because he knows other partners that never returned.

(5-B) His wife tells him not to be afraid, as they may just want to interrogate him. Alfonso knows well the dangerous situation the country is going through and he knows he must act quickly, though he does not know what to do.
- A) Alfonso decides to leave just before the military police finds him. (click) (6-B)

(6-B) Alfonso has travelled to Cuba where he knows nobody. There he tries to contact some university professors that can help him. Soon, with the help of some new friends, Alfonso establishes and gets some money sent to his wife and children so that they can move forward.

(7-B) Alfonso's dream is being able to meet his family. But only a miracle can make him return to Chile, so it is likely that he asks his wife and children to meet with him in Cuba, when the situation allows it.

(8-B) Alfonso has already collected some money for the plane tickets for his wife and children. Soon they will be back together again. However, that day he receives bad news from Chile: his wife was seriously ill. What can he do?
b) He does not return to Chile. Follows (9-B)

(9-B) Alfonso cannot return because he would be arrested and possibly tortured.In that way, he could not help his wife, so he must find another way to get ahead. His only hope is Dr. San Martin, the family doctor that has always taken care of their health.

(10-B) Alfonso succeeds to contact Dr. San Martin. He encourages the doctor to do everything that is possible to save his wife, giving him saved money for the family trip. He is desperate.

b) The doctor decides not to help. Follow the (11-B)

(11-B) Alfonso does not really know what to do. The military service is searching him in his country and his wife is seriously ill and needy. Dr. San Martin reports that the military service has forbidden him to help Alfonso’s wife if he does not return.

(12-B) A professor at the University of Havana who knows Alfonso’s situation, decides to organize a bailout. He contacts a group that supports Salvador Allende and they propose to send a Cuban doctor posing as a tourist. Alfonso is very grateful for all the help.

(13-B) The fake medical tourist has found its way to Santiago de Chile where he treats the serious illness of Alfonso’s wife. She begins to get better.

(14-B) Then the doctor, Alfonso's wife and the two children try to leave the country to Havana.

(15-B) Finally, Alfonso’s family, it is, his wife and his two children manage to meet in Cuba. There the father gets a job as a professor at the University of Havana. Someday they will manage to get back to their country again.

Orange Line

6N- Following the advice of his wife, he decides to stay with his family and assume the consequences. He isn’t willing to forsake all his life just because of some dictators are threatening.
7N- Alfonso comes back to University to continue with his life as usual. Then he goes into the class and starts talking to his students.
8N- Suddenly, military forces come into the class and take him arrested. That night, in his dungeon, he can hear screams of pain and suffering.
9N- Alfonso doesn’t know yet why he has been arrested. He is in dungeon, in solitary confinement, without even been aware of what will happen with him.
10N- Then the cell door opens and two soldiers and an officer walk into the cell. They demand him to reveal the name of the people from University that meet secretly, who have handed leaflets and painted the University walls with messages against Pinochet.

a) Alfonso doesn’t reveal their names. Go to 11N

b) Alfonso reveals their names. Go to 11Ve

11N- At the beginning Alfonso says absolutely nothing and he is decided to maintain that posture. They start torturing him to get some information. Alfonso stands strong but he is not sure how long he will be able to keep up.
12N- In the meanwhile Alfonso’s wife has gone to speak with Alfonso’s co-workers at University to tell them about the current situation.
13N- Alfonso’s colleagues organize an assembly and they decide to find support in order to mobilize the students and summon the media.
14N- The next day, thousands of teachers and students hold a demonstration at the University Campus. International press report on the brutal military and police charges at the demonstrators made by Pinochet’s army.
15N- The students and teachers’ riots became weaker and weaker. Nothing is known about Alfonso, the Political Science professor of the University from Santiago de Chile. His wife is still looking for him.

Green line:

(11-Ve) The officer orders one of the soldiers to arrest Alfonso’s wife. The soldier goes to comply the order and return as soon soon as possible.

(12-Ve) Once in the cells, the soldiers also begin to torture Alfonso’s wife. This leds him to collapse so he decides to accuse everyone from University who is against the dictator.

(13-Ve) Several military vehicles go to the University of Santiago de Chile. Many soldiers armed with rifles go down and start looking for teachers and students, asking for their names.

(14-Ve) Alfonso's wife is released by the military forces and that night, Alfonso hears again screams of pain and plea for mercy. Some voices are familiar. It’s some collegues from his university.

(15-Ve) Alfonso is completely dejected. The next morning, the soldiers come into his cell to take him to the court, but Alfonso is hanging from the window.

Brown line:

(11-M) Dr. San Martin, a family friend for many years, decides to help him. He quickly enters Alfonso's wife in the hospital to receive treatment.

(12-M) Littel by little, the medicines enable Alfonso's wife to be recovered. After several months of convalescence, she is cured.

(13-M) Alfonso sends money to the doctor and also to his wife and two children to travel to Havana.

(14-M) Once at the airport, Alfonso’s wife is retained in the airport customs and arrested by military police. A charge of complicity in a conspiracy against the regime keeps her incommunicated.

(15-M) As everything is lost, Alfonso decides to return to Santiago de Chile and surrender to military authorities in exchange for the release of his wife.

Red line:

(9-R) Alfonso decides to return to Chile, risks don’t matter as long as he can help his wife. He tries to get a fake identity and takes the first flight to Santiago.

(10-R) Alfonso is at the border of his country. A policeman is checking his luggage and he tells him he has to wait, as his documentation is being verified. Nervousness is taking possession of the professor.

(11-R) Alfonso manages to get cross the border and he goes to the house of a friend from childhood, where he will stay in order to help his wife.

(12-R) His friend, watched and threatened by the military forces, is forced to reveal the professor to free his family from all the threats.

(13-R) Alfonso is taken prisoner and sentenced to die by a military court.

Yellow line:

(6-A) He decides to hide in a hidden part of the house. The false bottom of a closet hides an hatch that gives access to the basement where Alfonso keeps hidden.

(7-A) Days go by and Alfonso and his family’s despair gets bigger. Frequent visits of the military police and his clandestine life makes life hard.

(8-A) One morning, while the children are at the school, Alfonso decides going out from his hideout, finding his wife cheating on him with another man. He feels betrayed and doesn’t find a reason to keep living.

(9-A) Alfonso leaves a love and disappointment letter to his wife. He has run away leaving all his life to a faraway place .

(10-A) His wife, who is living under the pressure of a subofficer who found his husband, has been backmailed and forced to give sexual favours in exchange for his silence. His wife expects that someday he returns to explain him what really happened.

a) (11-A) Alfonso returns. Go to…
b) (11-Vi) Alfonso never returns. Go to…

(11-A) Some years later, Alfonso’s wife is having dinner with his children. Someone knocks the door and a stranger appears saying that he has a message form Alfonso. He gaves it to her and disappears.

(12-A) The message said: “Love, I couldn’t forgive your betray throughout this time. However, now I’m in the last days of my life, I would like to see you to say goodbye. You will be able to find me tomorrow night in the river, next to the old bridge”

(13-A) His wife, who couldn’t explain him that she still loved him, decides to meet him.

(14-A) However, the woman doesn’t realize that the subofficial who backmailed her was following her that night.

(15-A) Alfonso and his wife meet at the port, at night, and it’s very cloudy. His wife pretends to hug him when suddenly some men in uniform hold him and handcuff him.

Violet line:

(11-vi) Alfonso has ran away with his life torned apart by the love’s betrayal and the political secrecy. Now he has to try to survive without been caught.

(12-Vi) Alfonso’s wife and their children know nothing about him. Many years go through with no news. Dictatorship ends.

(13-Vi) One morning, the subofficial who backmailed Alfonso’s wife tells her that has news about her husband. He assures her that he is with another woman and that lives in Valparaíso, not very far away from there.

(14-Vi) Alfonso’s wife, who still loves him, travels to check by herself the news that the subofficial told her.

(15-Vi) Arriving at Valparaíso, tears come when she sees her husband with another woman. She comes back broken hearted with her children to Santiago de Chile.